Thursday, 22 December 2016

The extraordinary in the midst of ordinary

There are times when, immersed in the ordinary details of life, I may be oblivious to the extraordinary that is right next to me. When at times, I may be in the middle of your harried day, and notice something unusual. My  reaction might be “I’m too tired to go aside to investigate this!” or “I’m not going to disrupt my life for this.” Yet, in that moment I may have the opportunity for a unique encounter with God.

So, here I have you three plays,where these biblical characters saw the extraordinary in the midst of ordinary.So let's see about them.

Moses was going through the routine of his day when he noticed an ordinary thing – a burning bush. He also noticed something extraordinary. Although the bush was burning, it was not consumed. (Exodus 3:1-4) . When Moses turned aside to look more closely, god spoke to him. Everything god had been doing for forty years in life of Moses was culminating at this moment and from then on God’s great redemptive plan started working in his life.
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It was an ordinary day for Gideon. He was threshing wheat in a winepress in Oprah.But something extraordinary happened then. The angel of the lord came there, sat down next to him and said to Gideon,” the lord is with you, mighty warrior.” (judges 6:11, 12) this moment changed the life of Gideon. He, who was the least in his family, became a man of mighty valour and defeated the great army of the Midianites.
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It was an ordinary day for Mary, a virgin, pledged to be married to Joseph. But it turned out to be an extraordinary day – on that day she had a direct encounter with the angel of the lord. She who was insignificant in Nazareth, became the mother of the saviour of the whole world! (Luke 1:26-28)
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God usually speaks out of the ordinary experiences of life. Often it is not while you worship at church. Many of god’s most profound and history changing you see the unusual in the midst of mundane, do not continue business s usual .It may be that God has ordained the moment to be a life changing time for you and those around you. So go ahead and be used by God.
So let’s pray to our God to make an extra to our ordinary life..
Dear Lord, as I go with my routine life, when I encounter something special, supernatural, let me not carelessly overlook it but let me ponder whether you have allowed it for accomplishing a greater purpose in my life..

Always remember we have an extraordinary God who make an extraordinary thing in you

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